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I am Bernard O’Mara. I am from Kilkenny but live in Maynooth during college term. I have a degree in History and Economics from NUI Maynooth and I am currently studying an MA in Military History and Strategic Studies in the same university.

I have set up this blog to comment on the decisions that are being made by government  in Ireland and the political atmosphere in Irish politics at any certain period. This will include opposition parties. I have no affiliations with any political party in Ireland.

I want to use this blog to possibly explain some of the policies that are created, which many people may not completely understand why it is being done.  As you well know, most people will not have a clue on the decisions that are being made in Leinster House. It frustrates me how politicians do not explain the real reasons behind the actions they take. It only takes better communication of policies to the public for them to understand what you mean.  As a result of this, the views could seem to be cold-blooded. This is done on purpose so that people can see past the emotional bias that people naturally take when policies affects their lives.

Please, do not be afraid to leave comments or email me on any topics of interest that you would like to be addressed on this blog.


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